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Ice Island System

Ice Island system has been equipped with a “Green Delivery System“.

Being “Green” will enhance your corporate sustainability efforts while safeguarding our planet for the future.
Below are a few key items:

  • Fully automated – self contained, turnkey.
  • Eliminates trucking and deliveries-no wasted fuel.
  • Bags are made of recyclable plastic and are stronger than the competition.

Patented UL and NSF Registered Industry-Leading Technology for Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • Best in-store baggers in the market.
  • Tested in field since 2004.
  • Both indoor & outdoor installation available.
  • Cost savings.
  • Customized Ice programs tailored to each customer’s needs.
  • Additonal revenue opportunites with ICEX Mobile Media.
  • Reduce risk diesease.
  • Reduce risk from slips and falls.
  • Better tracking and scanner based trading (just in-time inventory, and less shrinkage).

Tracks ice production through a state-of-art computer system

  • Automated paperless billing.
  • View account info via secure customer access portal.
  • Tracks water quality.
  • Generates real-time reports and invoices.